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MTG Draft nights?

Started by lsdno1, March 09, 2014, 07:30:57 pm

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Juuuust an idea. But maybe OG Clubs could run a MTG draft every now and again? I can probably rake some of the Croydon lot in.

Obvs I understand it won't be sanctioned and such, but people still enjoy the old draft every now and again?

Currently, the usual draft is 1 x BNG and 2 x THS.

^ This is something I can help out in aswell, as I can do the points system (Yeah got a judge to show me and everything - lol) and I've done quite a few drafts in Croydon too.

Feedback please Master Ol?

Steve H

I'd like to do a few drafts... They are fun!
In the style of Tom Hale... F*ck Ushabti!!!


I like drafts too, I'm just terrible at picking the best cards.

I'd be interested in doing some RTR and GTC drafts aswell.

I mean, maybe we could have a draft night once a month or something? Then there's always the option of doing older drafts, if anyone is interested in playing modern or EDH (Commander).


Yep drafts have been popular on new release wknd but for sure we can try more, the Saturday events are best for starters I think, and once you get more mTG players for mid week, then feel free to do as many as you like...
Not so sure about doing modern ones, as the old boosters are hard to come by, and don't really like the idea of people bringing their own mapped boosters as admission fee...
So prob best to stock to standard block that is provided by the TO....
We could do a Theros BNG draft at the next Saturday event in April....

Thursday 17th April is a club night and also my 40th..Will prob want to do a good MTG event for that one me thinks... :thumbsup:

Steve H

I'd definitely be in for the April draft, and something big for the birthday celebration would be good!!!
In the style of Tom Hale... F*ck Ushabti!!!


But then I totally get free entry as a late birthday present.. Duh!

Only Theros, or THS THS BNG? If we're gonna have drafts, I gotta know in advance to get all the peoples down, but I need to know maximum peoples.

roland murat

Sorry - mapped boosters? Also what is the difference between draft and sealed?
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When I meant Theros, I meant Theros block, so yes would be 2 Theros, 1 BNG or a combination there of...

@Mike- mapped boxes where people use an app to know what the cards are, enabling them to buy into drafts knowing the cards they are bringing won't have good rares in...


Quote from: roland murat on March 10, 2014, 12:18:00 pm
Also what is the difference between draft and sealed?

Sealed is where you get a pre made normally mono coloured deck with a few boosters to make a 60 card deck..
Draft is what you have played at the club, with 40 card decks and players opening boosters  and passing them around


Yes, me and Steven have mapped some booster boxes, but haven't brought them to the club. We're not that mean. Just wanted to know what goodies we had. Think we took Elspeth, and some others but still left good rares, just we didn't need them lol.

Definitely want more drafts though. I'm trying to think up as much as I can for ya Ol.