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Come to our store on 1½ Whip-Ma-Whop-Ma-Gate, York and play more games....

OG Day Out to Salute 2014

Started by Deathwing_Matt, February 23, 2014, 12:47:33 pm

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roland murat

I'll be there but as part an outing with my Dad (he's getting very excited) - won't be able to join the fun and games but hopefully bump into you lot for a chat.
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Boo at Deathwing. Boo!


Tom Hale

confirmed i'm free so i'm coming. As i live a lot closer to the excel i can meet you guys there. Any though so far when you guys are wandering up?
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Me and stevo will be travelling up from saaf london, so will aim to be there for 12
So maybe we meet up at entrance or see you inside if you want to get in earlier...


Cool - I'm planning to get there when it opens to grab some FW goodies. Will probs have to disappear off about 12:30pm though...
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Ol+Steve, I'll meet you @12 at the entrance

Steve H

In the style of Tom Hale... F*ck Ushabti!!!