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OG Day Out to Salute 2014

Started by Deathwing_Matt, February 23, 2014, 12:47:33 pm

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Thought I'd put up a post to see who would be interested on an OG Games day out to Salute at the Excel Centre on Saturday 12 April. It's probably the biggest and best wargames show in the UK (depending on whether you're a Gamesday Fanboy or not).

More info on the show can be found at

Perhaps we could combine with a few beers afterwards if ppl fancy it.

Let's me know your thoughts,

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roland murat

As is traditional I'll be there as going with my Dad. I guess we will be arriving a little after 10 and I'll be sure to say hi if I see anyone.
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Angelus Mortifer

Hmmm, I could be interested in that.
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Have a look at this one;

Prodos Games Ltd.   GM04   P   Mutant Chronicles: Warzone Reconstruction

I'm tempted to go just to have a look at what these guys have to offer. The original Warzone used to be a huge hit for a few years in where I originally come from (Poland) some 15 or so years ago - this is what got me into wargaming.

The system suffered slightly from unbalanced fractions and some not very nice models, and then came out a second edition which was rubbish and killed it off.

But the universe is brilliant - somewhat steampunky 40k, and if the new rules are any good this can be an alternative to the tired 40k. The original game was designed as a small scale skirmish, I guess this is the same.

First ime in years when I am actually excited about a new toy soldier game...


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So we have

Seb (tbc)
Bart (tbc)
Stevo (tbc)
Tom H (tbc)

Any more?
Would be a fun day out for those not at SCGT

Steve H

If I decide to drop from SCGT I'll come... Just need to see if I was an idiot and got a non-refundable room.
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Quote from: Steve H on February 24, 2014, 04:35:38 pm
If I decide to drop from SCGT I'll come... Just need to see if I was an idiot and got a non-refundable room.

I'm sure you will be able to sell room to someone on TWF

Tom Hale

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So I know me and Stevo are def going, who else is coming..
So we can plan meet up etc....