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Wargames Resolutions 2014

Started by roland murat, December 29, 2013, 04:15:47 pm

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roland murat

December 29, 2013, 04:15:47 pm Last Edit: December 30, 2013, 03:46:50 pm by fatolaf
I figured its time to start thinking about this for next year. I got some War of the Roses stuff for Crimbo so I'm looking at:-

a) Building a Yorkist army
b) If the rules I have work out, converting some WFB army books to fit with them.

My thinking is people have given up on warhammer but have models - if the can be used as their intended race but using a different set of rules they can still get some game time.
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My aims for 2014

1) No more GW games for me
2) Bolt Action : Learn the Rules, Build the Pegasus Bridge, Assemble and paint at least one army but hopefully two as I have both
    the German and Japanese Army Sets...Plus get more people to start playing this fab game
3) Learn, play and introduce as many good boardgames and card games to the club
4) RPG: I have a few options but I want to run at least one campaign this year, most likely set in Lovecraft land
5) Carry on playing the fab MTG game but also I must learn NetRunner and start playing the awesome CoC LCG again now there
    are new expansions out...


Art aims:

  • Work something out for Nurgle Daemons - either a colour scheme or modding idea to make doing a little warband of them palatable.

  • Get the army done and even (gasp) based.

  • I'd like to do a little project for 40k as well - something like an radical Inquisitorial warband or somesuch. I have no idea whether I can do that in the rules at the moment, but I also don't know if I care. :)

Game aims:

  • Despite common wisdom I think I'm actually more of a fan of Fantasy than 40k at the moment, but I also consider each time I play a 2,400/2,500 point battleline game to be a personal failure. So the more weird point levels / odd T&T or scenarios I can play the better.

  • I'm not 100% on 40k yet - I'm probably playing the wrong army for me, I think. As I say I wouldn't mind a little art project in the universe so that'll probably decide what I do going forward.

  • Either way, I'm not a massive fan of the bloat in the game at the minute - the myriad of supplements, random ForgeWorld units and extra codices makes it all a bit tiring to keep up with, and where they seem to be pushing people to go bigger I'd rather go smaller. A couple of Kill Team games would be more appealing than Apoc/Escalation games.

Outside of GW land I can't see myself doing another straight-up miniature game - I enjoy the art side of what they produce too much. So it'll probably be that alongside whatever board/card games are around for me this year.


Sadly real life has really cramped my hobby time since August, so I need to be committed to getting stuff done.  My current armies (Chaos Marines and Skaven) need finishing and an actual run out for the first time in months.  The "pending" pile (Imperial Guard and Blood Angels) are sitting sadly.  Add in my plan for a Moussillon themed Bretonnian army (like normal bretts, but with added mutation and undead fun) and it's...sigh...all too much!

I'm getting into Dreadball at the moment and am tempted to run a league if there's interest.  I have spare models if people want to borrow a team and (having bought Mantic's random Christmas Box) even have a Dreadball Giant to field!


1) Paint the remaining "big stuff" items from my Skaven horde

2) Paint, base and play games with both the Imperial Guard *and* the Blood Angels

3) Come up with a decent plan for the Bret idea and slowly start building it up

4) Run a Dreadball league (interest dependent!)

5) Paint up my Orx, 2x human and robot teams.  Actually, this can be replaced with Learn To Paint White.  I really struggle to paint clean, smooth white.  Sigh. 

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Every year I fail by being too ambitious. For 2014, I've decided to keep it relatively simple:

1) in 2013 I really enjoyed trying out new board games. In 2014, I want to try out even more!

2) Get to grips with the new Tyranid codex rumoured to be on its way

3) paint 6 units for gw games (one every two months isn't great, but much more than I managed in 2013)
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Steve H

Here's mine... (Non warmachine related as no one here cares!!!)

- Get to OG once a week, and then make sure there's still a club late next year!

- Get some more WFB in via Triumph and Treachery

- Revisit my Bolt Action Americans and play a ton more games!

- Paint a new GW army of something (no idea what!), funded by selling my older ones!
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Angelus Mortifer

Simple for me. 40k still my game of choice but seems like games will be difficult to come by this year.

- Add to my Blood Angels ready for the new Codex (hopefully due towards the end of this year... although there are rumours of 40k 6.5 this year with a combined box of BA and Necrons - believe it when I see it though). Primarily some special units and characters,
: Honour Guard (started), Sanguinary Guard, 2nd Tac Sq (and Razorback), Sternguard, Attack Trike
: Stormraven, 2nd Landspeeder, 2nd Drop Pod
: Lemartes, Astorath, The Sanguinor (hoping we'll get a new Mephiston and Dante model with the new book)

- Start getting back to doing some 40k terrain
: Wall of Martyrs, Skyshield

- Play a fair bit of Kill Team and get a non-BA squad painted and converted up: Alpha Legion, Ravenguard or maybe Dark Eldar

- Play a few board games here and there
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Me being me being different, have posted my 2014 Resolutions here:

But good luck to the rest of the guys with yours, looking forward to seeing and hearing your progress!

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Ed C

1. Get back into wargaming, starting with 40k.
2. Get my army ready to fight (assembled/painted).
3. ????
4. Profit.

Also stick to an army, I have changed my plans from forming an Eldar army since they are getting rather complicated when it comes to creating a list due to the amount of broken bits in the current codex to forming a Dark Eldar army and potentially using the units I already got for Eldar as allies if I ever find the need for a Farseer(? highly doubt it but hey).

They appear to fit rather nicely in the OG Comp Rules in terms of my list building and should provide some fast pace games(spikey wet cardboard armor! woo!), enjoyed playing them this weekend and have been a blast to model so far.

I will still build an Eldar army (Melledar?) later in the year when I find the Niche I am looking for but atm the lack of assualting from webways and the sheer brokeness if that's a word of the Wave Serpant is making an assualt base Eldar army very hard to make viable since I would have to mosey on down accross the board, but will keep thinking on it while Raping and Pilaging with their slightly blood drunk Cousins.
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