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The dilemma

Started by shadownova24, July 07, 2013, 07:59:42 pm

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Due to new job have to work during the week so ere the dilemma i finish work about 6-7 so can come to the club  but I start at 9 up in central London and cannot take my army with me as ill have to carry it around all day, and if I have to travel home to pick it up I won't be bk in Wandsworth till 9 pm.
Brought : To much
Painted : not enough

The Trampoline

Can't you leave it at OG?

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I can but need to get it painted for tourie
Brought : To much
Painted : not enough


This is why I bought myself a nondescript backpack type of carry case.


I have a similar issue and kr kaiser cases work well for me (the backpack should be good too)!

Other tip is to take a smaller, elite army as well to make things more manageable.
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Steve H

I think Steve's working as a courier (or something similarly bike based) though so literally can't take anything with him!!!

The only thing you can do mate is leave the army at the club and have one unit at home to paint at a time.
In the style of Tom Hale... F*ck Ushabti!!!


Use your 1000 sons at the club till after Pillage buddy, leave them at club ...

Plus loads of your wolves are painted already, so you could leave most of them at the club surely, and just change your list a but or proxy ....


stevo your bangon

Ol think thats the best idea can carry around a small unit might pop down thur with army to store

i sold the 1000 sons
Brought : To much
Painted : not enough