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The Wandsworth Waargh - Sat/Sun 16/17th February - Mini SCGT

Started by fatolaf, February 03, 2013, 06:18:53 pm

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Roll up for the Mini SCGT Waargh
Saturday 16th Feb and Sunday 17th Feb

Two one day events

Players of all abilities and experience welcome, the main point of Waarghs is to have fun

3 games of WFB at 2400 pts using the 2013 SCGT Comp

Terrain will be pre set / WoC comp TBC

Armies do not have to be painted as we fully expect players to still be finishing the armies for the main event in April.
You do however need suitable movement trays and bases for your units..

We have space for 14 players (each day) and tickets are £10 each for one day or £17.50 for both

Please pay via Paypal (send as a gift) to fatolaf@hotmail.co.uk



10-10:30: Registration
10:30 - 1: Game 1
1 - 1:30 : Lunch
1:30 - 4: Game 2
4 - 4:30 : Break
4:30 - 7 - Game 3
7 - 7:30: Results

Sunday 8th

11-11:30: Registration
11:30 - 2: Game 1
2 - 2:30: Lunch
2:30 - 5: Game 2
5:30 - 8: Game 3
8 - 8:30: Results



Saturday Stand In: Ol

1) Dan Gibbons
2) Alex
3) Jono
4) John Barr
5) Albert Barr
6) Glenn
7) Tom H
8) Lorenzo
9) Ed
10) Ashley
11) Peter A


Sunday Stand In: Ol

1) Rob Ritchie
2) James Staples
4) Ben Hodges
5) Ed Hamon
6) Sam
7) Stevie Boxall
8) Kieron Allender
9) Steven Leighton
10) Richard Skemp
11) Lorenzo

Undead Dan

Definitely having some of this! Add Daniel Gibbons for Saturday please!


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Jono B

"...Matt, Jono likes Silver Helms.  Wait, just let that sink in.  Silver.  Helms.  He does not know what he's talking about!..."


Hi Ol can you put me down for Saturday please mate the time of the Orc has come. Glenn

Tom Hale

HKB list: 2 STank 2 grey seers 2 furnaces warlord 4 Abomos Drakenhoff BSB 2 stegs GUO 4 BoN 2 gorgons goblin lord+LV4 4 Billys ogre bsb warshrine hydra 10 mornfang 3 slaughtermasters black+Star dragon great brayshaman 2 ironblaster 4 maneaters DE lv4 krox necro knight 7 DGKs luminark 2 huricanums war altar emp peg bsb 2 hellcannons skullcannon 2 Brett Lords The Green Knight kharibdyss Black Orc Warboss Peg Paladin nurgle DP Stonehorn