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Wargaming New Years Resolutions 2013

Started by Blotthrower, December 18, 2012, 07:18:15 pm

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roland murat

Quote from: roland murat on December 19, 2012, 12:33:21 pm
Hmm decisions, decisions.

1) Finish Space Marines - 1,850 fully painted/based
2) Update WOC when new book drops assuming this is either in Q1 or Q2
3) Make Orks a tad more competitive.

and for a really big challenge

4) Top 3 in a waagh

1) I can field 1,850 of painted chaps so I'll call it a win.
2) Yep - I pickd up a couple of bits that have seen action (ignoring some horrible proxies that emerged).
3) The Orks haven't seen much action this year so hard to say
4)  :moody;3:

Not a bad effort this year. I'll hold off making rasjh promises for next year until later
Bought: 20
Painted: 11

Boo at Deathwing. Boo!

Tom Hale

Quote from: Tom Hale on December 18, 2012, 10:55:13 pm
Once again love the concept so here we go.

1. Get into the Masters. (might be a little arrogant but currently being 15th, and having first 100pts of the season should be doable!)
2. Get the Bretonnian Icon and hold it for a least two month (with Steve Follow and Sedge both gunning for it could be hard fought)
3. Get my Bretts to a state where they never lose a painting point ever again!  :endit:
4. Sort my Dark Angels out when the new book drops
5. Decide on either to keep the Daemons or not when new book comes and get them painted if i keep them
6. Go to at least 2 new venues/ locations for tournaments as well as the regular favourites
7. Do well at the ETC
8. Try out the AGOT living card game
9. play more specialist games: Necromunda, Bloodbowl etc
10. Expand the podcast: new segments, more guests, maybe some video material!

1. it would appear that for the second year i have just missed out. really rather gutted really. FAIL
2. got it, held it for many months. just lost it this week but not an issue. WIN
3. I didn't get docked pts when i used my bretts at any event. my warriors did but i count that as a WIN
4. sorted it right out. ebayed the lot. I will however count that as a FAIL from GW
5. Decided not to keep them and rage sold them. As it transpires they are one of the best books in both systems. FAIL
6. well Serbia for the ETC and MK for Rollcall so i'll count that as a WIN
7. We did well enough: i won some games, lost some where it didn't affect the team result, we did better than Wales ever has. WIN
8. Straight FAIL
9. Played some necromunda early in the year and just coming the end of my second season playing bloodbowl. WIN
10. Well mixed bag, disappeared for quite a while, i have had some new guests and some minor variant ideas so ill count it as a WIN
HKB list: 2 STank 2 grey seers 2 furnaces warlord 4 Abomos Drakenhoff BSB 2 stegs GUO 4 BoN 2 gorgons goblin lord+LV4 4 Billys ogre bsb warshrine hydra 10 mornfang 3 slaughtermasters black+Star dragon great brayshaman 2 ironblaster 4 maneaters DE lv4 krox necro knight 7 DGKs luminark 2 huricanums war altar emp peg bsb 2 hellcannons skullcannon 2 Brett Lords The Green Knight kharibdyss Black Orc Warboss Peg Paladin nurgle DP Stonehorn