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Wargaming New Years Resolutions 2013

Started by Blotthrower, December 18, 2012, 07:18:15 pm

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With only a couple of days of 2012 left I seem to have achieved 1 of my 3 goals for the year (picked up a Silver Painting Award at a WM/H tournament - although it was only 16-man so not too tough). I did end my resolutions last year with the following comment:

Quote from: CraigMNo 40k ambitions this year, unless an interesting book comes out like Chaos Marines or just 6th ed.

Despite both of these things coming true I have successfully avoided buying any more 40k stuff for the moment (although I may well get a bit more involved in that this coming year. I think my main aims are:

1. I said this last year and will probably say it every year: Finish painting my Legion of Everblight army. I just can't seem to paint them to the standard I want and keep competitive in the game at the same time (new shiny toy syndrome ftl).

2. Finish my gaming table and build more terrain for it. It's almost ready to play WM/H as a 4x4, but I'd like to get all the scenery painted to match the board and also extend it to a 6x4 table and make suitable scenery to be able to play 40k.

3. Play more boardgames. Zombicide looks a lot of fun and I've played a few new boardgames over the Xmas period that have reminded me that boardgames can be just as much fun.

I think that will do. Any more is probably unrealistic for me. I'm also going to try and get to the club more often (which is looking a lot more possible now a few people at OG will play WM/H )

Ted Johansson

Let´s give this a go.

1) finish painting a 2400 pts Skaven army list.

2) Attend my first uk tournament.

3) Attend club nights and play atleast 1-2 times a month.

4) Bring out my Grey Knights and bash some skulls in with them!


Gonna be a nice relaxed year for me, not too many hobby/gaming ambitions as other things in life to focus on.

1. Paint 1850pts Eldar army for tale of OG gamers (about 600pts done so far so fairly confident of this one)
2. Sell off some unnecessary stuff.  I spent a lot of time this year stripping models ready for sale but never getting round to taking pics and selling them, I must do that!
3. Paint the rest of my Malifaux stuff (again). I did everything I had last year then bought a load more with no time to paint it so back to needing to get working again.
4. Paint up or sell off my Bones Kickstarter from Reaper, this is a massive number of figs but know there are many I'll never use, so I want to shift them.
5. Fill out my TK army with every option in the book.  Relatively simple this one as not too much I don't have; Some horse archers, scorpion, Ushabti, stalkers and colossus required for the lot.  (Colossus and Scorpion are part of bones kickstarter too).

Very specifically I'm not signing up to painting 365 models again because I've done it 2 years running and know I'd fail this year as moving to Bath/Bristol in March (finally confimred when) and likely to be buying a house to move into down there some time later in the year, so 2 moves plus Ruari = not enough time I reckon.


Time to see how we all did.....

Quote from: fatolaf on December 19, 2012, 03:53:53 pm

1) Get my Daemons and Necrons painted for 40K and take them to some friendly (non ranked) events

Well half done, did the daemons and did several big comped events, Vanquish, Pillage..
Sold Necrons and I am now having a GW break as the current meta is not fun...

Quote2) Learn Bolt Action and paint up my German force

Bought a Japanese army and lots of scenery, this will be my new mini game of choice for 2014

Quote3) Build and Paint lots of new Boards and Scenery for the Club

Yep, several new tables and scenery built...

Quote4) Get as many people as possible to play different games at the clubs, variety is the key after all.
Next year we will be pushing X-Wing, Netrunner LCG, Star Wars LCG, Descent, Dystopian Legions, Dust Tactics, Bolt Action, Zombicide, Magic to name a few  :thumbsup:

Nice to see this has happened, with many club members moving away from GW and trying out many more games, we have a regular MTG group of players and boardgames have been making a come back, with Memoir 44 my new fave...

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Angelus Mortifer

Quote from: Angelus Mortifer on December 20, 2012, 02:52:43 pm
Like a few already, my 2012 goals ended up looking like this...

So, rather than raising the bar a millimetre off the ground, I'm going to aim for some simpler, less-constrained goals for next year.

a) Get my Dark Eldar done before New Year's Eve 2013. 1850pts with multiple builds, not just one, and a display board.
b) Enter a few non-OG tournies, one of which has to be a weekender so that I can experience the joy of memory loss and run-ins with the law.
c) Play more board games (maybe give X-Wing a dabble, Descent, and that Zombie one Ol mentioned, as well as more Mansions as and when).
d-1) Start thinking about Alpha Legion towards the end of the year ready to start work in 2014.
d-2) Start thinking about Death Korp of Krieg as an alternative army for 2014. (Unless GW bring out a new, interesting race or blatantly Adeptus Mechanicus, I can't see myself being tempted by anything new as a complete army - discounting the odd Allied contingent here and there)

That should do for now...

a) Nope. Real life sucks.

b) Did Pillage, which was an ace weekend. Wish I could have done a couple more.

c) Started alright at the beginning of the year but then tailed off quite quickly. Will maybe try some new ones in 2014. Always enjoy Mansions, and Zombicide was great for the couple of games I got to play.

d) Started Alpha Legion for about 1.5 months but then realised time, money, and a lack of flexibility in the new CSM Codex to field realistic AL was enough to make that stall fairly quickly. Maybe if they bring out a Supplement it could work, but I think BA building for my new book at the end of 2014, plus a smattering of Dark Eldar will be my focus for next year.
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OK here goes.

1. Try to get down to the club once a month for gaming nights AND play a game when I get there. : FAIL

2. Do not fail at Tale of 40K Gamers.  : FAIL

3. Clear out all my non-used gaming stuff.  : FAIL

4. Get my O&G ready for MK Massacre (Or BeerHammer, whatever Mr Borland does this year.)  : FAIL

5. (and this is a REAL challenge) Top 3 at a Planet OG.  : FAIL

so, pretty normal for me then.....
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Quote from: Deathwing_Matt on December 20, 2012, 02:09:40 pm
My personal ones last year were an epic fail, and it seems I haven't learned from my mistakes. For the second year running I had get the hang of WFB, and haven't played one single game. Instead of getting a fully painted army, I did a bit of base coating here and there, and diverted attention away by starting a new army and taking up a new game system in X Wing. Plans for the 2013:

a) Continue with the 40k Tale of OG Gamers so that I have a 1750pt CSM army painted nicely by the middle of the summer;

b) Master X Wing. I now have the starter box, at least one of each expansion (Y Wing came through today) and I've got a handful of games under my belt. Movement seems to be key, and whilst I don't have as much stuff crashing into each other as before, there is still a long way to go.

c) Finally play some WFB and get the hang of 8th Ed.

and finally, the unlikely goal of,

d) Get my nids into a state (painting wise) where I'd be happy to take them to events outside of the club.

a) FAIL - A combination of real life taking over, the publication of the new DA codex, my poor organisation and that I found that the CSM codex ended up being really dull meant that I have a half-built, unpainted World Eaters army I may one day return to. Much like Seb's thoughts on Alpha Legion, a half-decent supplement wouldn't go amis as most CSM armies you see now have a large number of units to Papa Nurgle;

b) SEMI-FAIL - Have played a few games, love the system, but not as many as I'd hoped.

c) FAIL - This has been pushed back into 2014 - my desk is full of dusty WoC who've spent a few years sat at the bottom of my wardrobe;

d) Nids haven't progressed much, but a new codex early next year may spur me on.

On the plus side, I've spent much time playing 40k, trying to get the DA codex to work with mixed success, made the top 25% at GW's Kill Team event in April (despite 20% of players taking Riptides @ 200pts) and have gotten into a wide range of games such as AGOT and Pandemic. Amer's RT campaign has been awesome too!
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Quote from: TkaiC on December 18, 2012, 08:02:43 pm

My over all rule, as of now, is no new purchasing til the majority of what I've got is at least assembled and played with.  After that:

1.  Write a proper Skaven list. And another one.  And one for luck.
2.  Paint it up. With proper basing.
3.  Take it to a tournament.

4.  Get a lot better at painting and converting.
5.  Show that off with my Dark Eldar

6.  Play lots of different systems.

HUGE fail on the overall rule.  From having one army in a state of semi completion (Skaven) and one planned (Dark Eldar) I now have Chaos Marines, Imperial Guard, Blood Angels and the core of a Bretts army all crying out for some love.  I did get rid of the most of the Dark Eldar though., still a huge fail.  Must stop going on Ebay.

1-2:  The Skaven are actually not far off completion - sadly the things that need painting are the big things (Furnace, Bell, Abom) and, well, there're always more slaves to paint.  Basically the rats are in stasis until a new book comes out and they stop being so...meh.  I *did* paint and base a full Chaos Marine army though, with multiple I'm scoring that as a win.

3.  Well, I've switched to 40K, and went to Portsmouth.  It was ace.

4-5.  I think I have improved here, (ref: The Iron Within) I've started adding more detail to my models and am getting the hang of actually highlighting models rather than just relying on a heavy wash of Devlan Mud.  I'm particularly happy with my converted Daemon Prince - pretty much just sticking wings on an existing model but I had to pin them in place (new thing for me!) and use green stuff (yep, new!).  I also made some Obliterators.  Annoyingly one of my cats has now taken the head off one.

6.  Sadly a change in career has ruined my attendance record, and it doesn't look likely to improve until next year.  Boo hiss to work, except I really like the job, so yay, hooray work too.  I did play a few different games (Rogue Trader is ace, Magic is still fun) so I'll give that a semi tick.

So I'd score that a 5.5 out of 6, although all rather redundant with my massive fail on the STOP BUYING STUFF TOM, PAINT THE ONES YOU OWN one.  Sigh.

So, Tom H, about those Bretts....
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