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Wargaming New Years Resolutions 2013

Started by Blotthrower, December 18, 2012, 07:18:15 pm

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Probably a little premature since 2012 isn't finished yet, and off the back of my 50% failure of last years resolutions, here's my 2013 Wargaming Resolutions.

1) Start painting my Warhammer Orcs and Goblins in a coherent colour scheme - I've got tons of Orcs & Goblins, piles and piles of unpainted, part painted, chipped and broken models all for the great green tide. My plan is to sort out the wheat from the chaff so to speak and actually pull together an army of Orcs and Goblins, rather than lots of randomly painted stuff.

2) Play more 40k and Epic - 2012 was the year I really expanded my hobby and I've been drawn into this crazy space age gaming after years of playing just Warhammer. The aim is to get plenty more games of 40k in and actually learn the rules! I may even make it down to one of those legendary OG 40k events if I can get enough models together / painted.

3) Go to some Malifaux Tournaments - Ripped Straight from the 2012 resolutions, I'm determined to at least make 1 Malifaux tournament this year.

4) Go to Whoops! - I went last year and it was such a blast I'm going back again, right up my street in terms of crazy underpowered gaming.

5) Keep all the other projects ticking over - By this I mean actually paint some of the other models I have including my new epic Feral Orc army, my Malifaux Neverborn, my 40k projects, my Betts... so many models, not enough time!

And now its over to you guys!


Ok...I'm a fan of signing up to stuff and then panicking over not getting it done so this thread is right up my street!  My over all rule, as of now, is no new purchasing til the majority of what I've got is at least assembled and played with.  After that:

1.  Write a proper Skaven list. And another one.  And one for luck.
2.  Paint it up. With proper basing.
3.  Take it to a tournament.

I've now been back in the hobby for a year and am getting to grips with the ratties, whilst wishing I played pretty much any non-horde army every time I start racking them up.  Still, I think I am starting to strike a balance between the poles of woefully under-powered and power gamer netlist.  I feel like I'm drowning in rats to paint so the plan is to write 3 decent lists that'll be fun to play, paint up all the models I need for them (including unit fillers and magnetised bases for at least the majority).  I'll then test run them at Waarghs and look for a relatively local tournament where lots of OG-ers will be in attendance.

4.  Get a lot better at painting and converting.
5.  Show that off with my Dark Eldar

They're going to be so pretty.  At the moment I have serious issues co-ordinating my wild fantasies of design and my cack handed, er, hands.  Practice makes perfect and all that so best crack on!

6.  Play lots of different systems.

WFB is totally great at times, skull burningly annoying at others.  So the plan is to try and work my way through some of the board games at the club, try X Wing, play more Magic, Descent, have a crack at Bloodbowl maybe, that kinda thing.
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Tom Hale

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Once again love the concept so here we go.

1. Get into the Masters. (might be a little arrogant but currently being 15th, and having first 100pts of the season should be doable!)
2. Get the Bretonnian Icon and hold it for a least two month (with Steve Follow and Sedge both gunning for it could be hard fought)
3. Get my Bretts to a state where they never lose a painting point ever again!  :endit:
4. Sort my Dark Angels out when the new book drops
5. Decide on either to keep the Daemons or not when new book comes and get them painted if i keep them
6. Go to at least 2 new venues/ locations for tournaments as well as the regular favourites
7. Do well at the ETC
8. Try out the AGOT living card game
9. play more specialist games: Necromunda, Bloodbowl etc
10. Expand the podcast: new segments, more guests, maybe some video material!
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Ok, lets give this a go this year.

1. Get my Lizardmen up to a consistant (and transportable) standard.
With a new book (or at least a WD update) coming for the High Elves i'm going to put them on the back burner for a while and concentrate on the Lizards. This weekend showed though that the army is a mess, a hodge-podge of colour schemes and i've yet to come up with a sensible way of transporting all the fliers to a tournament without breakages.

2. Get a 2400 point Empire army ready and take it to a Waargh
Painting for events (particularly the 20 Reavers for Beasthammer...) and general laziness means i've only painted up about 1000 points of Empire this year, want to push on with this project and at least get it to a point i can bring it to a Waargh.

3. Continue my hobby clearout
Still got loads of figures that i'll never use cluttering up the place. Want to try and get these ebay'ed off this year.

Only 3 things but suppose that means i'm less likely to fail.....

roland murat

Hmm decisions, decisions.

1) Finish Space Marines - 1,850 fully painted/based
2) Update WOC when new book drops assuming this is either in Q1 or Q2
3) Make Orks a tad more competitive.

and for a really big challenge

4) Top 3 in a waagh
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Not to bad for 2012 compared to my epic fail at 2011...
So lets keep this achievable..

1) Get my Daemons and Necrons painted for 40K and take them to some friendly (non ranked) events

2) Learn Bolt Action and paint up my German force

3) Build and Paint lots of new Boards and Scenery for the Club

4) Get as many people as possible to play different games at the clubs, variety is the key after all.
Next year we will be pushing X-Wing, Netrunner LCG, Star Wars LCG, Descent, Dystopian Legions, Dust Tactics, Bolt Action, Zombicide, Magic to name a few  :thumbsup:

The Trampoline

Hmmmm....well after two years of dismail faliure to complete pretty much any of my hobby resolutions I probably shouldn't set any more. Or third time lucky perhaps :thumbsup:

1) Finish the Space Marines Genesis Chapter, and do so by stikcing to the 250points per month blog. I want to stick at this blog and since this is just a club army then I can afford to do a bit each month rather than rush to do loads in a short run up to a tournament (when I seem to do all my painting.) Although I'm lagging behind at the moment (I'm blaming Winter War organisation and painting Dark Elves for Downfall) I think I can catch up over the next couple of weeks. I probably just need to spend one weekend in the month on these guys and by the end of April I'll have 1500points which is where I'll probably finish them.

2) Step up my warhammer game. After Downfall I've realised how much of a sloppy player I am, and that I need to think much more about how I play the game rather than relying on getting drawn against chumps, having better match ups and luck. I need to practise more games as of late I've hardly been playing any warhammer and I have become qutie bad.

3) Rather than say paint this army, finish that project, my goal for 2013 is just to finish characters/units. I have a really short attention span when it comes to painting and I have many half finished units and characters spread across many different projects. I think I should try to push to complete one unit and stick to it until it's finished. I think I might start a seperate painting blog (like Dave's) to show off a finished unit and help motivate me to stick to it. At the moment though it'll have to be Dark Elf units since this is the army I want to use at tournaments.

4) Speed up my game, I think I got to six turns in only 1 game at Downfall. I think this is partial to do with improving my game as I couple of turns I can spend 15-20 minutes on my movement phase which is quite a big chunk of the game time-wise. Even down Spiky I take ages, so I might start timing myself in an effert to speed up.

5) Make and paint a dirorama. I've always wanted to do one of these and I think it would be a good way to showcase some miniatures I would like to paint but would probably never do so because I wouldn't use them in an army. Also it might help improve my painting skills which is something else I want to focus on.

I think I'll leave it at that, I'm working on a unit of Dark Elf spearmen at the moment so I'll stick to this as my first unit and try and post it up when I hopefully finish it.

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My personal ones last year were an epic fail, and it seems I haven't learned from my mistakes. For the second year running I had get the hang of WFB, and haven't played one single game. Instead of getting a fully painted army, I did a bit of base coating here and there, and diverted attention away by starting a new army and taking up a new game system in X Wing. Plans for the 2013:

a) Continue with the 40k Tale of OG Gamers so that I have a 1750pt CSM army painted nicely by the middle of the summer;

b) Master X Wing. I now have the starter box, at least one of each expansion (Y Wing came through today) and I've got a handful of games under my belt. Movement seems to be key, and whilst I don't have as much stuff crashing into each other as before, there is still a long way to go.

c) Finally play some WFB and get the hang of 8th Ed.

and finally, the unlikely goal of,

d) Get my nids into a state (painting wise) where I'd be happy to take them to events outside of the club.

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Angelus Mortifer

Like a few already, my 2012 goals ended up looking like this...

So, rather than raising the bar a millimetre off the ground, I'm going to aim for some simpler, less-constrained goals for next year.

a) Get my Dark Eldar done before New Year's Eve 2013. 1850pts with multiple builds, not just one, and a display board.
b) Enter a few non-OG tournies, one of which has to be a weekender so that I can experience the joy of memory loss and run-ins with the law.
c) Play more board games (maybe give X-Wing a dabble, Descent, and that Zombie one Ol mentioned, as well as more Mansions as and when).
d-1) Start thinking about Alpha Legion towards the end of the year ready to start work in 2014.
d-2) Start thinking about Death Korp of Krieg as an alternative army for 2014. (Unless GW bring out a new, interesting race or blatantly Adeptus Mechanicus, I can't see myself being tempted by anything new as a complete army - discounting the odd Allied contingent here and there)

That should do for now...
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OK here goes.

1. Try to get down to the club once a month for gaming nights AND play a game when I get there.

2. Do not fail at Tale of 40K Gamers.

3. Clear out all my non-used gaming stuff.

4. Get my O&G ready for MK Massacre (Or BeerHammer, whatever Mr Borland does this year.)

5. (and this is a REAL challenge) Top 3 at a Planet OG.
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