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AGOT - A Song of Silence

Started by fatolaf, October 22, 2010, 01:15:55 pm

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GreyJoy fans rejoice as the 4th upcoming chapter pack has combos galore....

QuoteAs we have seen in previous Chapter Packs, apart from House Greyjoy's core competency of brutal unopposed challenges, saving things from discard and death, and some of the more powerful locations in the game, there is the still-developing theme of draw pile destruction or "raiding". House Greyjoy has this ability more or less locked down with cards like Wharf Rats, Harbor Thug, Drowned Disciple and others.

Aside from just shedding cards off the top of an opponent's deck, which is pretty tough all by itself if you don't have any recursion, what makes the "raid" subtheme so interesting is the array of effects that trigger off of the discard of cards. A case in point is River Raid.

QuoteThere are several points in the game in which a "raid" deck can discard cards, but the one place in which River Raid's effect is especially useful is during the challenges phase. Say you win a military challenge involving the Harbor Thug and you discard a character, thus claiming a power with said Thug. With River Raid, you can also grab that discarded character and follow up with another challenge without having to overcommit your own characters. That's two effects for the price of one, coupled with the initial advantage of denying your opponent a card. This could get especially ugly in a melee in which Drowned Disciple's ability goes off and suddenly there are potentially a ton of possible candidates for temporary resurrection.

QuoteAnother card from this pack that follows along the discard-trigger theme is Euron's Mongrel. Both this card and River Raid are pretty conditional, but consider a scenario in which your opponent has a strong character or location in play without a duplicate or save. Imagine their frustration when the card just discarded turns out to be said duplicate. What is also interesting about this card is that it does not have to kneel to trigger this effect if it would be more advantageous to kneel a Warship instead and use this character in a challenge, or for dominance. Another bonus to Euron's Mongrel is that he also has the Raider trait which in this cycle can mean a lot of interesting combos.


Mill Greyjoy just became more plausable. Dunno if it'll win you any friends in mplayer though! Could be a more joust or 2v2 focused deck.


Yep would be hard to stay alive with a mill in multiplayer, and would it work against more than one opponent?


Yes. Many cards are all opponents discard.