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Music people are into

Started by Stubot, October 19, 2010, 02:12:14 pm

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Glad to see some of you are into the more heavy side of things!

Im 30 and still listen to Slayer on a weekly basis. Ive seen them more times than I can remember although they were looking tired this summer (probably due to the fact Araya cant headbang anymore since his back surgery)


Totally did not spot slayer in that list, of course I have heard of them, but not that I would be able to pick out a track of theirs.

@Nick - A sisters fan hey? You should ply me and Ritchie with enough booze to get us to do our Lucretia cover version!


Pendulum, yay.  I love pretty much all D&B/dubstep if it's beyond a simple wobble.

Also a big fan of things like offspring, blink 182, green day and sundry of the ilk.

Jazz & soul also works, nina simone being a personal favourite.

Then there is my love of pretty much every song to ever appear on a vietnam film sound track.

A bit of metal sometimes floats my boat, just depends what mood i'm in.

Gogol Bordello, Gnarls Barkley, Jay Z which reminds me I'm a bit of a closet rap fanboy though not really that emimememememememeneimem fellow or the countless copycats that sprung up.  Wu Tang Clan, Ice Cube, Vanilla Ice, Ice Tea and all other icy things, Too $hort and a bunch of other hard assed gangbangahs who'll come round and mess you up (as they're always so keen to tell us).

Oh then there is blues, how I love blues and country too.  Good shout on Johnny Cash the man is a genius who clearly liked his curries hot.

And then there is my all time favourite song evah...  Dueling Banjoes

Made of win.


Stuff. Metal, some NR stuff, gothy stuff, techno-gubbinz. Generally anything heavy, whether with guitars, synths or anything in between, but I do have to admit to having a soft spot for some more 'poppy' stuff, I'm not quite as tribal musically as I was fifteen-odd years ago...

Oh and Led Zep are of course the best band the world has ever seen, Black Sabbath and The Cream come close 2nd and 3rd...


Being very old my tastes have expanded over the years:

Started out with anything my folks owned so R0ck & roll Elvis, Eddie Cochran, Buddy Holly etc
Bought loads of Movie theme albums when a bit older
First real Music was Glam MUD, Slade, Wizard etc
Skipped the punk thing but did like the Stranglers & Clash
Big life changer was Tubeway army Gary Numan) plus Ultravox & all the other clones
Always liked good pop, Blondie, The Police, Abba
Drifted into Metal (Motorhead, Rainbow, AC DC) as all my mates where ito it (1st band seen live Motorhead) (was a massive RPG player in this time)
Progressed through a hefty Goth phase following the Mission & Fileds of the Nephelim all over UK as well as keeping up with changes in Metal from the advent of Thrash to Grunge (was a big fan of Mudhoney & Nirvana before they where trendy).
In my mid twenties I fell into the Biker crowd & so stuck more & more with Rock.
Had a hippy phase being mad on New Model Army & the Levellers

I am still amazed at the ammount of excellent new stuff that still comes out & although I mostly just hear new pop as Kids are getting older I have enjoyed a renual of interest in music.

Taking oldest two to see the Green Day Concert showing at Cinemas on 15th November & taking my 12 year old grunge princess to see bullet for my Valentine (very old school band) in December.

My eldest daughter is fortunately a bit of a geek so we are going to see Spamalot in two weeks time (Monty python Musicals FTW)

Lat album baught: Plan B absolutely superb!



Now that my daughters are getting older & getting more interested in music I have now had the pleasure of taking the 12 year old to see Bullet for my Valentine supported by Bring me the Horizon, both excellent bands.

As a complete opposite my eldest is 14 & into musicals so we wnet to see "spamalot" which I can recomend to any python fan.



Wouldn't have you down as liking BFMV mark! Seen them live a couple of times myself, quite good
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Still can't stop listening to: UNKLE: End Titles...for film..

Title track


Daft Punk. Tron Sondtrack. Tracks 12 and 13 esp....

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Erm, not sure there is an artist mentioned where I don't like at least one of their tracks. As a (struggling) guitarist I love guitar music, my preference is, Blackmore, van Halen, Zappa, Gilmour, Darrell, Slash, Frushicante, Moore, Darrell, Gates, Ridgeley, Moore (the other one), Bettencort, Vai, Satriani, Hamnett et al (please note I reserve the right to add to this list).

However I also love Steps, Blue, B*Witched, S Club 7 and a lot of cheesy pop

I also love Pendulum and Bach

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