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Lockdown list

Started by JJ, May 12, 2014, 04:26:37 pm

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Because a bit of list discussion cannot go astray.

The new rebel transport pilots add soem interesting mechanics. Specifically the R3 unit that hands out stress tokens...

This is far from refined but poses an interesting limitation on opponents and their ability to take actions from early in the game.

"Hobbie" Klivian — X-Wing   25
R3-A2   2
Shield Upgrade   4
"Dutch" Vander — Y-Wing   23
Ion Cannon Turret   5
Shield Upgrade   4
Ibtisam — B-Wing   28
Push the Limit   3
Advanced Sensors   3
Ion Cannon   3

In short - hobbie can dish out stress tokens and then you use your ion turrets and cannons to make sure they cannot get rid of them. At this stage you control the movement and actions of the enemy ships, which is a horrible thing to have to play against.

Any thoughts or comments?


Want to see it in action, but sounds horrible  :rebels: :wink;m::


Ran it last night.

Died horribly in teh first game but tweaked it for the second. The ability to hand out stress tokens is amazing.

"Hobbie" Klivian — X-Wing   25
R3-A2   2

Gold Squadron — Y-Wing   23
Ion Cannon Turret   5
R2 Astromech

Gold Squadron — Y-Wing   23
Ion Cannon Turret   5
R2 Astromech

Ble Squad — B-Wing   22
Advanced Sensors   3