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OG Games Dice

Started by fatolaf, January 30, 2013, 03:18:51 pm

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Quote from: Steve H on January 30, 2013, 09:21:08 pm
... because Spiky dice roll crap!!! :D

Spiky dice are great at rolling 'symbols'. It's just a shame they put the symbols on the '1'!!   :bash;m:

Tom Loyn

Ted Johansson


F*ck Hellheart


Could I have 10 please.
Will have to arrange some form of mafioso drug baron style pick up and pay off. May use mike as a 'dice mule'
Quote from: Mike
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Ooh yes! I'd grab 10 please.

Angelus Mortifer

20 if they look cool, 10 if they're poop  :thumbsup:
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10 for me please Ol,  Glenn


This sounds like the makings of an excellent side-quest of trying to 'accidentally' exchange your opponent's lucky OG dice for your unlucky OG ones. And for that reason I'm in:

20 for me please.


Okay chaps, the ball is rolling on this one...

We have red pearl effect dice with white spots and the OG logo as the six..

We are going for the min order of 1000 dice, which means they are slightly more expensive but future orders will be cheaper.
So it means we don't have to fork out a huge amount upfront..

They will be £1 a dice and we will place the order as soon as we get £200 worth of pre sales..

Those that are on this list, can you PayPal me the amount you want (ie £10 for 10 dice etc) to OG@oggames.co.uk

Please send this as a gift

Those without PayPal can give me cash at the club, we will place this order hopefully within a week..

@Noah - we can post them to you buddy