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Rogue Trader

Started by fatolaf, September 13, 2009, 05:39:00 pm

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New RPG from FFG, based in the 40K universe.
You get to be a Rogue Trader in command of a ship of pirates, merchants, traders etc..
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How does it differ from Dark Horsie Heresy?
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Funkadelic Erik

In 40K background, Dark Heresy would be the works of a group of inquisitorial henchmen working to investigate something Chaotic/Alien/Heretical happening.

Rogue traders tend to be more explorer style chaps, so the focus of the game would be different.

Not an RPG player or expert (never played an RPG in my life), but I expect the two games differ along these lines.
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Yep completely different points to the game, think Firefly for Rogue Trader and you get the idea...