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WFRP 3rd

Started by BobbyB, September 25, 2014, 01:15:09 pm

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Hi all, have never been to OG, but have recently been delving into the 3rd ed WFRP rules.  I've picked up as much of the stuff that I can get my hands on (the books/vaults/heros call/adventurers toolkit & some dice) and made a couple of abortive attempts to run it  but can't seem to get 3 other people nailed down, so seeing that some people here have played it before I thought I'd ask on here.

I've played some 1st ed a loooong time ago and one session of pathfinder fairly recently.  I've been reading a lot about 3rd and think I have my head round it all, and the system looks awesome.  I'd be happy to run it, or if someone more experienced than me wanted to I don't mind just playing, I mainly just want to make sure that all the money I've spent on it recently hasn't been a total waste, so if anyone fancies it let me know! I'm based in Deptford so can make most evenings/weekends


forgot to mention that if anyone wants to try it who hasn't played before, I have enough of the bits, and I think I have enough of a grasp of the rules to be able to explain it as we go along and you not to need any of the books or kit!


There is also a club copy of the core set, so you can have extra stuff available..

One of the original OG members was one of the play testers for 3rd Ed and tried to teach us it when we were in the old pub, found it quite complicated but it was still fun,1st Ed was IMO the best RPG ever made, and I pretty much played all of them in the 80's...

Give it a go Oggers, its fun


roland murat

It might be one for when Pip's RPG campaign comes to an end
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^^What fatolaf said! There is certainly a lot to keep track of, but I think aside from that it looks to me like the mechanics are fairly straightforward and ripe for streamlining if needs be.


Your rogue trader campaign has been brought to my attention and I obviously don't want to disrupt that. By all means anyone who's interested drop me a pm on here once that had concluded!