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Descent: Journeys in the Past ...I mean Dark

Started by Aroven, July 28, 2014, 03:44:25 pm

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I admit it, I know it's 5-6 years old but I love this game and I need a fix!

For those unaware of the game, it's a tactical, semi-competitive game of dungeon crawling and treasure hunting. 4 heroes vs the evil overlord and his minion hordes, along the lines of Hero Quest and Space Crusade. Indeed, in a glowing review of the 1st edition from our very own Ol: "the best in the Genre so far and one I would recommend to anyone to have a go" – you don't get much better than that!

I'm no expert in either version, but have played 1st edition a few times from both sides and am confident explaining it to people. I've only played 2nd edition once but it seemed largely like a streamlined 1st ed with a bunch of rules and options removed, so easily picked up. I'm happy to run either edition (I own all of 1st and the club has a copy of 2nd) as the overlord or as a hero, depending on other people's preferences, so this is a call for anyone interested to step forward for some laid back monster-bashing, loot-raiding, world-saving action!



The 2nd edition is up here with me, as I am in the middle of painting the cast collection of figures I have for it, all the special characters have been released etc..

1st Ed is a great game but slowness was the factor, 2nd ed speeded this up with its bite size campaign chunks (we did a campaign last year till JD broke it  :wink;m::) and much improved characters and Overlord progression upgrades..

IMO 1st ed is great for Saturday sesion dungeon crawls, 2nd ed is good for club night sessions. 2nd Ed has just come back in print, so we could get a 2nd copy if there is demand.....
And then keep up with the expansions as it gets played...


Ah ok, I'd seen the box for 2nd ed around at the club, mustn't have noticed it escape!

1st ed is indeed a longer game, scenarios ranging from 2-8 hours though a lot of factors can affect it – number of heroes, how experienced the players are etc. I'd like to think I've mitigated one of the big ones, set up time, by having all the parts organised in toolbox style kits with pullout pots. The campaign expansions make 1st ed shine though, fixing the length issue by making each dungeon 3 levels of an hour or so, with save points between them. I can easily rig something up to play these as an intro if we don't have access to 2nd ed and time is an issue.