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DC Comics Deck Building Game - xdanskx's Game reviews

Started by xdanskx, June 30, 2013, 08:17:06 am

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Time for another game review/gameplay review and this time it's the DC Comics Deck building game.

Gameplay: You start off with a deck of Punch and Vulverability. The punches gives you power to buy cards or defeat villains, and the vulnerabilities does nothing, which is a big change from other DBG's. Vulnerabilities has no game function, they are just there to take up space in your deck.

To add cards to your deck, you can buy cards from the main deck (costs range from 3 to 7), buy Kicks, which are just like punches, but a bit better, or defeat Super-Villains (cost from 8 to 12). There's no special way to defeat super-villains, if you have played enough power to buy the card, you defeat him and add him to the deck.

Whats the major differences from the other DBG's?
- Victory Points. Each card you buy have a VP-value. So the more cards you have, the higher amount of VP's you will have. Having loads of cards slows down your deck thou, and leads to you having no to only a few synergies in the deck. the synergies you manage to get going are powerful thou.
- There's no good way to consistently get cards out of your deck, so picking up one of the few cards that lets you remove cards from your deck right at the start is really good. But then again, you dont want to remove the cards that give you VP's, so you dont need that many ways to remove cards.
- Only a few ways you can interact with your opponents. The only real way to interact with your opponent is with Villains and Super-Villains. Super-villains all effect your opponents, but only a few of the villains do. They can disrupt your hand size, give you Weakness cards (-1VP) or remove your better cards from the game. But you can always play your Defense cards to nullify attacks.
- Super-Hero Cards. Each player has an oversized super hero card in front of them, you can be Batman, The Flash or some other Super-hero. Each super-hero comes with a unique ability, all of them useful. and they really set the tone for what kind of deck you will build (since you want to use your super-hero ability to full effect).

So whats the goal of the game? Who wins?
When you have exhausted the main deck, or defeated all the Super-Villains (There's only 8 of them) the game ends, and every player adds up their victory-points. Highest total wins.
It's really hard to see who's in the lead during the game, so it's "Game on" from the start to the finish.

It's a fast game, easy to pick up, and since you dont have to do loads of synergies, I think it's a good introductionary game for people that havent played loads of DBG's before.
For people that have played loads of DBG's, it doesn't have the complexity that other DBG's have, but you have to think a bit differently when playing this, it's not "must have the smallest deck possible", its more "must have loads of VP's but still make this atrocity of a deck work" which makes the game good.

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