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Star Trek Deck Building Game - A review

Started by xdanskx, May 29, 2013, 09:14:33 pm

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During our weekly gaming sessions in our gaming group, we have been playing loads of Star Trek Deck Building Game, so I thought I would write a short review.

The game has the same engine as Dominion and other deck building games. You start with a set deck of cards, in this case 10 cards (5 cards that give you XP, and 5 different support cards).
Cards that give you XP can be used to buy new cards from the star base (i.e. more personel or support cards) or heal up your ship.
the support cards gives you better combat stats, lets you draw more cards and so forth.

each card you buy will eventually end up in your deck, so your deck will grow the longer the game goes on, and good deck management is fundamental in the game, as in all deck building games.
there are few ways to remove cards from your deck, so every chance you get to do so must be taken, usually.

so what is the object of the game? who wins?
to win you have to explore, as any good starship captain would. Once per turn you can go exploring, when you do you can find events (like wars and space anomilies), missions or other starships.
when you find a mission you basically compare your bridge and starship stats with the goals on the mission card, if they equal or exceed them, you add that mission card to your score pile. each mission is worth a number of mission points, first player to 400 points win.
You can also encounter other starships, with you can either fight, or try to take over, to be your new starship.

what I just described was the basic game, in each box there are 2 more game modes, which can be team games, or co-op against the game.
The three games that have been released now aren't compatible with each other, they are 3 stand-alone games.
each game takes about 1-1,5 hour for 3 people, but you can be up to 5 (3 is best thou, that means that noone have to wait too long before their turn, if you play more than 3 there's always a risk that you can sit there and wait when they others take their turn)

You dont have to be a massive Star Trek fan to play this game, but who isn't a massive Star Trek fan =)

I would definetly recommend this game to anyone that like cardgames!
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Cheers Bjorn, nice review...
I have a club set of the original series box, so if anyone want a game, let me know, especially as I have the nice shiny new gaming mats as well... :thumbsup:

Steve H

Great review... I'd be keen to give it a go ( that may be just because I watched Into Darkness last night and it was frikkin awesome!!! :D )
In the style of Tom Hale... F*ck Ushabti!!!


Cheers guys! My first time writing a review, felt more like gameplay-review now when I read it again :)
I've only played the original series box twice, but the gameplay is exactly the same, so enjoy :)
twitter: @Xdanskx