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Battles of Westeros - Brotherhood Without Banners

Started by fatolaf, January 07, 2012, 04:29:11 pm

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5th Expansion out next week...

QuoteThe forces of Westeros grow in strength with the release of the latest Battles of Westeros expansion, Brotherhood Without Banners. Now you can include useful new troops in your army that behave in battle like no units you have seen. Brotherhood Without Banners is now available for purchase at your retailer or on our webstore.

Engage in thrilling battles

March into battle with an army of new allies and mighty heroes to bolster your forces. Brotherhood Without Banners introduces three units including the Knights of the Hollow Hill, Lightning Lord's Longbowmen, and the True King's Outlaws. This expansion also introduces three powerful heroes to include in games of Battles of Westeros. The oft revived Beric Dondarrion rides into battle with his flaming sword, while his companion, Thoros of Myr, uses his power to resurrect fallen warriors, and the devastatingly accurate Anguy is renowned for his archery skills.

QuoteBrotherhood Without Banners includes more than just units and heroes. The Battle Plan Book contains four exciting scenarios to test your mettle, and a new Skirmish card and six Skirmish Summary cards provide more variety for skirmish matches. The rulebook contains rules for keyword abilities like Indirect Fire, Run Down, and Targeted Shot. Finally, this expansion contains all of the tokens and cards needed for using the Brotherhood, and more Map Overlay tokens to alter your game map.

The armies of Westeros are about to find brave new allies in the Brotherhood Without Banners expansion for Battles of Westeros. Check out the Brotherhood Without Banners preview and download the rules for more information on this product. Get your copy at your local retailer or from our webstore today.