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A New Dragon King Arrives!

Started by fatolaf, July 06, 2011, 04:23:13 pm

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QuoteHidden away in shadowy temples, diabolical Dragon Cults teach that the Draconic Lords will return and that one of them will claim the Crown of Command for himself to become the new Dragon King. Recent dark omens lead some to believe that dreadful time may now be at hand, for travelers have seen wyverns and drakes closer to towns...

The draconic threat grows stronger with the upcoming release of Talisman: The Dragon. The expansion will introduce new Draconic Lords, hosts of their most powerful servants, and a new dual-sided Inner Region that leads to an epic confrontation with the Dragon King, himself! Players adding The Dragon to their games will have to decide how best to contend with the draconic threat as the Draconic Lords slowly exert their dominion over the realm.

Three Draconic Lords have returned to the realm and vie for the Crown of Command–Varthrax, Cadorus, and Grilipus. As they contest each other, their servants spread their influence through the world of Talisman. While you won't have to face a new host of dragons on your first turn, the Dragon Cults and dragons roam the land in larger and larger numbers as the game progresses. The draconic threat increases as the servants do their masters' bidding until the heroes will find the realm plagued by dragons, confronting them at every turn.

Balancing the Scales

This progressively challenging draconic presence is cleverly paced by the introduction of dragon tokens. At the start of each or your turns, you draw a dragon token. Some have special effects. A Dragon Rage token subjects your hero to the Dragon King's wrath. A Dragon Slumber token enchants a dragon of your choice to render it less effective in combat until it has woken.

QuoteMost commonly, a dragon token draw results in placing a dragon scale on one of the three Draconic Lords. When any of them accumulates three dragon scales, he becomes the new Dragon King and one of his dragon scales is placed on the game board.

The Dragon introduces three new decks of Dragon Cards, which players encounter when their characters land on a space with a dragon scale. Each deck features new Events, Enemies, Strangers, Objects, Followers, and Places designed to match the themes of the Draconic Lord they represent. As the board fills with dragon tokens, the chances increase that heroes must confront the powerful draconic Enemies that lie in wait. Yet heroes who manage to slay the dragons that would hinder them grow stronger and better prepared for the draconic threats that lie before them.

Additionally, whenever a character encounters a dragon scale, all instructions on the space are ignored. In this way, the Draconic Lords taint the Regions, and you may find you no longer have access to the resources upon which you were depending. You may not be able to purchase items in the Village, heal at the Doctor, or pray at the Temple.

Deadly Foes

While the three Draconic Lords are all beings of near infinite power, each favors different methods in his struggle. Enormous and possessing unthinkable physical strength, Varthrax favors physical combat and weaponry as do those who serve him. Cadorus schemes to exert subtle political influence, hoarding gold to sway others to his cause. He favors guile and subterfuge. Grilipus draws upon powerful magic, leeched from the living things around him. The more time you spend exploring the realm with The Dragon expansion, the more clearly you'll see each Draconic Lord's story unified through the thematic development of its Dragon Cards.

By the time your champion first encounters the Dragon King to challenge for the Crown of Command, you will have a strong sense of his personality. The battle is already certain to be ferocious, but it may also become personal!

The Dragon expansion is scheduled to arrive Q3 of 2011.