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March of the Dammed Review - Invasion

Started by fatolaf, September 15, 2010, 03:08:28 pm

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September 15, 2010, 03:08:28 pm Last Edit: September 15, 2010, 03:11:48 pm by fatolaf
In my hands now is the new LM/ VC expansion for Invasion
A brief review of the contents follows.

All the races get new cards, and you get 3 of every card..


5 new cards, stand out unit is the 'Serpent slayer' and the 'Oathstone' support card will see alot of use..


5 new cards, The 'Garden of Morr' support card is excellent at gaining resources thorugh death and the 'Manaan take you' gives Empire an excellent spell that kills units or support cards with no developments..

High Elves:

Wow, 3 stand out cards, that increase the crazy amount of indirect damage they are pumping out now. not a bad card out of the 5 you get actually. 'Elven Warship' will be in every deck, 3 to play, a support card that does 2 indirect damage a turn..


5 new cards, all there to damage your units to make them better, and an insanely powerful support card in 'Troll Den' that if used correctly will give you an extra 3 resources or cards a turn...


Again 5 new cards, stand out card being the Lord of Change, who is quite rock at 3/4 but then also has the following power

QuotePlayers play with the top card of their decks revealed. 
You may play the top card of your deck as though it were in your hand

Going to be some interesting combo's with that one

Dark Elves:

5 new cards, 'Black Dragon Rider' is ace if a little expensive at 5, Slave control increases for the DE with 'Slave Pen' and 'A Slave for every occasion', both sets of these card will be going straight into my DE deck of Doom.... :cool3:


12 new cards (remember you get 3 of each) and I like what I see, lots of skinks and saurus using the 'savage' rule, led by the Slann Mage 'Loqtza' who gets more and more powerful the more LM are around.

I think they will work really well with HE using their healing skills and damage allocation, but also would make good allies for Dwarves and Empire


12 new cards and this lot is insane, the Necromancy rule combined with 'Numberless Graves' means nothing is going to stay dead very long. 'Countess Iseara' means other allies could be come undead, whilst 'The Enraged Varghulf' is a brutal killing machine! (He gains the total power of one defending unit when attacking to add to his 2/3 statline)

The combo potential of the VC is brain boggling, so many evil permutations out there already, and ALL of them will involve the 'Wight Lord'.

And last but not least


Only the 1 new card but 'Jezzail Team' is your great defense against rush decks as it can do one damage to any unit per turn, get 3 of them out and uncorrupt them with Rat Ogres and you could be doing 6 a turn...

Overall a great expansion, made much better for having 3 of every card (shame the HE/DE expansion did not adopt the same policy).

Shame no capital cards for VC or LM but they would have been useless as they are neutral but I would have liked them anyway for my all neutral decks, maybe something that will come out in the future..[/spoiler]