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X-Wing UK National Championships - May 30-31 2015

Started by Eryst, February 16, 2015, 12:12:46 pm

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Tickets are on sale for the National Championships. It's at the Hilton near NEC in Birmingham. I've been two years running and it's been a great day's gaming.


You need to pick up an event ticket and an admissions ticket. This year it looks like they are running a round of 90 players on the Sat with a cut to 16 for the final on the Sunday. First prize is a trip to the States for the World Championships. For those who don't make the 16 there will be an escalation tournament on the Sun.

The Games Expo is also a great collection of games, demos, trade etc. I would have headed up for the Expo even if I wasn't playing in the tournament.

I've got my ticket, now looking at trains and accommodation which were quite cheap last year (£7 trains and £30 odd for a hotel).

Will post some details if anyone is keen to come along.



And it has sold out in 15 minutes. There is an Epic Tournament on the Friday...200pts, 2 hour games? Not sure if I could get three days away from the family though.



I wouldn't be able to make this as I'm hols but the UK Expo (inc. the National Championships) is a great event!
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They've just added another 32 tickets, 24 of which are still left.