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Missing Tie Fighter Manoevre Dial

Started by Eryst, July 18, 2014, 12:18:41 am

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Hi guys,

Thanks for the game tonight, great to see it go down to the last roll of the dice and grats on the win. Good fun learning how to play the Corvette.

When setting up it appears we were one Tie Fighter manoeuvre dial short for the campaign scenario.  I've just been through all of my X Wing collection and it appears I am missing a Tie Fighter dial.

I packed all five of them along with the miniatures in preparation for the scenario tonight (changing the bases on the minis over to Black Squadron Pilots), though when setting up we could only locate four.

Given the way KR multicases close, it is unlikely to have been lost on the way so it may be that it was dropped on the floor or something similar while we were setting up.

If anyone finds a Tie Fighter dial in or around the corner table by the door I'd be very grateful if you do. I'd even shout the finder a beer.

Anyway, thanks again for the game and give me a shout if anyone finds the dial.


PS They're a bit bigger than a 50p piece with two thick cardboard discs which rotate to display different arrows and numbers (for those of you who haven't played X Wing)

Steve H

No worries Sam... We'll take a good look before the club opens next Thursday.

If we don't find it then I can probably lend you one of mine on a long term loan... I don't have much time to play anymore and when I do I tend to play Rebels.
In the style of Tom Hale... F*ck Ushabti!!!


Cheers thanks Steve. It should turn up, there isn't many places it could be.



The things hiding in that carpet could tell many stories....


And in other news....the manoeuvre dial has turned up....in my trainer!

All I can think of is my one year old daughter Elise, who loves putting things inside other things and is fascinated by the shoe rack in the hall, has managed to pilfer it while I was packing up that Thursday.

I knew she was quick, just not that sneaky as well.

Anyway, thanks for the help looking, looks like my TIE swarm is back in action.

All the best,


PS Ol, you wouldn't believe what I found in the carpet in and around that table...Chaos Warriors were just the start... looked like Nurgle had set up residence.


It is due for Spring clean, really really is....