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What does this button do? - Pete's n00b lists

Started by underscore, May 24, 2014, 04:36:37 pm

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Okay, so I finally managed to play a game of this and picked up some bits and pieces, generally more inspired from the films and old computer games than anything else. But here's a couple of lists I've put together with my new toys:

Rebels, 99 points:

A-Wing, Arvel Crynyd (can attack touching ships)
Cluster Missiles
= 27 points

A-Wing Prototype Pilot
Concussion Missiles
= 21 points

B-Wing Blue Squadron Pilot
Advanced Proton Torpedoes
Fire Control System

= 30 points

X-Wing Rookie Pilot
= 21 points

Yep, A-Wings. Why A-Wings? Because A-Wings. I figured spent so long crashing into things last game that I should make it a feature. :)

Imperial (AKA That's No Moon!), 100 points:

TIE Advanced, Darth Vader
Squad Leader
Homing Missiles

= 36 points

Shuttle (ST-321), Colonel Jendon
Fire Control System
Engine Upgrade
Weapons Engineer

= 38 points

TIE Fighter Obsidian Squadron
= 13 points

TIE Fighter Obsidian Squadron
= 13 points

So, Vader can perform 2 actions a turn, and can use those to give the other ships within 2 range an extra action if needs be. Whereas Jendon can give another pilot at range 1 one of his Target Locks and with the upgrades he can get 2 Target Locks on any enemy ships on the board. I suspect I'll get into plenty of manoeuvring issues trying to keep these guys tight enough to make the upgrades worthwhile, but it's good practice for that.


Good fun lists buddy, Awings are great fun, but don't worry about being able to attack touching ships, you will soon learn to avoid that, and best not base a strategy around it, keep them cheap and cheerful... :rebels:


I have been meaning to reply to this for AGES! Apologies for the delay.

First things first, always build the lists you think you will enjoy flying. Super competitive builds often have no theme and are about point effectiveness maximisation. This is a great method if you are trying to crush people, but not if you want to fly the rogue squadron or vaders shuttle escort.

So before I provide a crtique... What are you looking for - casual flying or competitive?


Oh, casual for sure. For the minute I'm just trying things out and having fun, which is the point of these lists, really.

The rebel list will be centred trying to do some decent dogfighting with Arvel and his Wingman with a bit of fire support from the other ships and the Imerial list is trying to force me to maintain some semblence of cohersion/formation. Basically they're both there to try to get used to moving things around the board in different ways.

By all means critique as much as you want though. I'll start worrying about competative play once I'm a bit more comfortable in the system and have got all the nerd-dreams out of my system, but it never hurts to know. :)


The Rebel list as Ol points out, arvel's ability will beocme moot with time so keeping as close to your theme as possible I would probably modify to this.


Really solid fun list. You have the missiles, and with the (unreleased) munitions failsafe, and advanced sensors really forgiving to get the most out of your ships!

The Empire one... Keeping your ship arrangement this seems to fit the bill of what you are chasing. That is a lot of points to sink into a shuttle though!


Realistically, the shuttle will never keep pace with TIEs. So you want to palm the locks off in the first 2 turns then allow the shuttle to stall and act as a fire base, because as soon as they are behind it, it will be a sitting duck. Mauler Mithel gets you extra attack dice at range 1, and Backstabber extra die outside of their arc. Vader is still there but squad leader won't help the TIEs as he cannot keep up with them and is too fast for the shuttle. So use his 2 actions per turn on him self. Allows a lock and focus for the turn you deliver the missiles!

Either way - would be great to have a game sometime mate!


Ho, those Failsafes are pretty tasty - will have to keep an eye out for those Defenders.

All those tweaks make sense though so thanks for the feedback. I've got a game against Matt tonight that'll have to be with the older lists, but it'd be good to compare against something that's been refined a bit better. And, of course, there's always the fun 'hummm, yeah, true. If I got this extra pack then it would make things alot better.... and also this pack is kinda cool... and this one...' process to finish off. Good old FFG. :)

And yep, definitley up for a game at some point!


If you aren't playing events you don't NEED to own all the cards.

That list builder has all of the rules for all of the upgrades etc. so you can always just have fun with it :)


True, true. But then FFG go and go announce that they're bringing out a pilot card for Porkins and some nerd-siren goes off in my head. Damn them, they know their audience a bit too well, I think! :)


If you are looking for an x wing squad builder, this one gets quite a bit of use and is good for printing off tournament lists etc.

It has all of the rules and available and upcoming cards (as they get spoiled) and has different levels of detail depending on what you want to included in the print out.


Look forward to a few games, I'll have to break out my imps and learn to fly them.


PS I also have an irrational urge to fly Porkins as well.


I think that's a similar one that I've found for my phone. Thanks for the link(s), I'll have to start having a play.

I managed to take the Imperial list for a game against Matt (who was running Chewie and a couple of X-Wings). I actually did reasonably well, all thinks considered. There were the usual ... ill-advised manoeuvres and generally it felt like I was rolling decently but, in the end it came down to a couple of decisive encounters between Vader and Chewie.

My exact memory is hazy, but I seem to remember Vader just about being on the losing end of the dice for that, though my shuttle had it's vengeance. Alas it wasn't really in a position to do much against a lone X-Wing and it was left wallowing around trying to trick the little guy into an asteroid (which almost worked, to be fair!).

But generally the list did what it set out to do: there was a constant supply of re-rolls around and it made for a fun game. I can see what JJ meant though: I never really used Squad Leader, mainly due to the fact that the TIEs were busy doing their own thing most of the time, being the annoying little bees that they are and Vader, generally, is important enough to warrant having both focus and evades when in the thick of it (especially as he could also be getting Target Locks from his shuttle).

Very much looking forward to trying out the Rebel Scum next.