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Summer 2012 Call of Cthulhu Campaign Starts here

Started by fatolaf, May 08, 2012, 04:17:10 pm

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May 08, 2012, 04:17:10 pm Last Edit: May 09, 2012, 04:56:30 pm by fatolaf
Right chaps here we go, lots of you rolled up your characters on Monday, so we will have the first intro adventure starting next week. due to numbers I will need to split up the parties, and run one each other week, till we get the intro out of the way. Then we will have a better idea who is up for the long haul so to speak for the campaign...

We have set the characters in 1920's London and here is our motley crew so far...

(Sam) Sebastian Sinistair, 61, Professor

(Noah) Francesca Enstein, 26, Doctor (very good looking  :cool3:)

(Mike B) Captain Wyatt Power, 26, Soldier (USA)

(Tom L) Rupert Everard, 25, Journalist

(Mike E) ...................., 25, Clerk

(JD) ......................., 44, Ex Clergyman , Twin Brother to Randy (see below)

(Jack) Randolph Charles Hammerman ..............., 44, Police Detective

Will all players who have not given me their character sheets, post here with the details (as above), and all players who have not yet given their characters names, please post here as well..

Also feel free to use this thread to write down a brief back story to your character, what they do for a living, their likes, their hates, the more the merrier..

Also please note, that I will be giving all the characters a little present before we start playing, being it a quirk, a phobia, a guilty secret or something much much worse..... :cool3:

Tom Loyn

Mine is called Rupert Everard and is also extremely good looking btw ;) will post back story up in a bit.

Tom Loyn

May 08, 2012, 06:19:43 pm #2 Last Edit: May 08, 2012, 07:30:25 pm by Tom Loyn
Rupert James George Everard - journalist - 25

He lives in a small flat above the Punch and Judy pub on fleet street and works for the Daily Herald.  He is from a rich background, his family are landowning aristocracy in North England, but he is a third son and when he shunned the opportunity of a commission in the army during the war (a common occurrence amongst the landowning aristocracy), choosing instead a career in journalism, he was disowned and completely cut off.  He always plays down the richness of his family to his friends, who get the impression they are very powerful and slightly sinister. 

Therefore, Rupert is posh, good looking, gentlemanly and suave, he knows how to deal with people and exert control on those in the lower classes due to his upbringing.  He was a keen water polo player at boarding school and is an exceptional swimmer, he is also an accomplished horseman, having been brought up on a background of hunting etc. He has a good education but was lazy at school so is not exceptional.  Nonetheless he knows his way around a library and his emersion in boarding school debating societies etc have given him an ability to fast talk his way out of situations.

Rupert wears expensive but aged and slightly tatty clothing, usually a 3 piece suit of some description.  Among his possessions are a few family heirlooms including a solid gold pocket fob watch presented to him by his father on is 18th and a silver plated fountain pen which was in his top pocket when he ran away from home.  But he is largely penniless due to his job as a journalist.


Randolph Charles Hammerman, 44 (Police Detective)

Upon leaving his family home in Cambridgeshire, Randolph Charles Hammerman took the opportunity to discard the name he had hated for 21 years. He signed up to join the Metropolitan Police simply as Charlie R Hammerman. Previously known as Randy by his friends at Cambridge University, Charlie was glad to close that chapter of his life – his family were neither rich nor 'of class', and Charlie had never felt entirely comfortable in those settings. The fact that they could afford for both Charlie and his brother to go to university is still an unanswered question, and he has always suspected a mystery benefactor was responsible. Charlie was expected to use his Law degree to become a Barrister, and his family were disappointed with his career choice. Contact with them has been limited, until his brother suddenly appeared in London, reminding him of his previous life as Randy.

As Det. Insp. Hammerman, Charlie has a reputation for getting a job done with either fast talking, persuasion or 'shotgun diplomacy.' He was a successful athlete, swimmer and javelin thrower at university, but was shot 10 years ago in an assassination attempt and the wound is constantly painful. The gunman was never caught, but Charlie was mentoring a young police recruit at the time who failed to make the grade, and he suspects this grudge may have something to do with it.


May 08, 2012, 08:36:26 pm #4 Last Edit: May 08, 2012, 10:40:33 pm by noahtonkin
Francesca Enstein. 26 years old, Doctor.

Dr Francesca Enstein is an intelligent young doctor working at The Royal London Hospital, Whitechapel.
The youngest daughter of surgeon, Mr Victor Enstein, and a descendant of the famous Dr Freidrich Enstein a pioneering Prussian Surgeon during the Napoleonic wars.
Her father gained noteriety during the anglo-zulu wars, however his brilliant surgical advances were overshadowed by rumours of dark experiments, a fate that had similarly befallen his father.
Both men lived solitary lives and married late, never seeing their proginy grow up.

With her father dying while she was very young she was sent away to board at an isolated school in the yorkshire moors.
During this isolation she developed a love of history, suplimenting the scientific knowledge that would help her persue a career as a doctor, something that was expected of her from her first memories.
In addition to academic studies she took up fencing, becoming proficient with both Épée and Foil but never truely mastering the slashing action of the sabre.

Because of her father, Francesca was seen as quite a catch for the London School of Medicine for Women, it being hoped she would be the first on a line of successful female surgeons.
With the outbreak of he First World War Francesca's education increased rapidly. As many male doctors enlisted, the work load was shifted to those still in training, and as such Fracesca's experience grew rapidly.
Qualifying a year ahead of time she requested posting to the western front. The reply, stating that female doctors would be 'at best a distraction for the men' enfuriated her, and so she set about providing both emergency treatment and rehabilitation for those affected by gas attacks.

Having seen the dramatic influence war had had on people's lives disturbed the young doctor.
Putting aside her career as a surgeon she decided to improve first aid care, hoping that promt treatment may reduce the severity of patient's injuries.
To supliment her income at present she takes on a small number of private cases where conventional treatments do not appear to be helping.
Because of her methods of trying to understand not only the physical but mental cause of a patients discomfort she has been labeled a charletain by, as she calls them 'the stuffy old quacks in their stuffy old chairs'.

...... a bit too much?
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Tom Loyn

Also she's well fit, Rupert will certainly be turning on the charm.

roland murat

Captain Wyatt Power, US Army

Badly injured in the Great War, Power's face is heavily scarred from shrapnel. Thanks to his father, a Virginian Congressman, he was able to retain his commission at the end of the war allowing him to have a career of sorts. Power thinks of himself as a true soldier of the South and is proud of his background.

Power comes from an old Virginian family. His grandfather was Col. Power who commanded the 18th Virginia Brigade from 1864 until the end of the civil war when he joined in the local electoral commission and helped ensure local voting laws were complied with. Wyatt still carries his sabre to this day.

Wyatt's father is Patrick 'Pad' Power. A loose cannon in his youth with a love of card games. He was since matured and invested wisely in various industries. Unlike many of his peers, he feels Europe will again be ripped apart by war and has a strong interest in a rifle manufacturer. Seeking to gain further advantage he used his contacts to ensure Wyatt remained in the army and is hopin he will achieve a significant rank to help the family gain lucrative contracts. He is currently in his second term as a congressman and likely to achieve a third.
Bought: 20
Painted: 11

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Great stuff chaps, just need some info from the remaining players

Mike E

We also have two players yet to roll up their characters
Rob R

Steve H

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slight delay to the start, but this gives me time to reread the rules (not played in over 15 years) and prep the first adventure..
Also gives players time to roll their characters , and or add fluff..

I aim for the first session to be Monday 21st May..
However I it is not going to be possible for me to run two seperate scenarios at a time, and we do have too many players for one group. So the way I am going to do it is the first 6 players who can play are in the group on that monday, other players can step in (if they want) when the orginal players cant make it.
I will keep a written account of where players are on this thread, so everyone can keep up with the storyline..
Before we start the big campaign later on, we will then know which players like the game etc and want to carry on playing..

Warning: As I want to have a slot 2 game of something, I need players who are up for this to be at the club by 6:30, no late starts for this sorry chaps...