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Pathfinder RPG Campaign / Intro session

Started by fatolaf, December 02, 2011, 03:57:39 pm

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Going to run some intros of this in Jan, with the aim to run a campaign alongside the Coc one, alternating each week / fortnight (TBC)

Its fantasy based and is pretty much like old school D&D, with nice and simple mechanics, which keeps it fun to play...

We have the starter sets in stock on the shop, for anyone who would like a copy, for under £25 its a bargain..


For more info on the system, check out their site...


If you are interested in playing, please post here


Always fancied giving Pathfinder a go, so possibly, depending on date and the regularity / scope of the Campaign. I'd be less interested if it was only once a month, or a shortish term thing. More interested once every fortnight and if a longer Campaign was planned.


Quote from: Draig on December 02, 2011, 06:49:50 pm
More interested once every fortnight and if a longer Campaign was planned.

That is the plan for this campaign



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So we have 2 Robs on board, need at least 2 more players


I'll give it a go. Always keen for something new
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