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Call of Cthulhu RPG Campaign

Started by fatolaf, November 01, 2011, 09:19:16 pm

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I also have the new box set of the Pathfinder RPG, which is essentially like the good old Days of D&D before it became Pokemon in disguise. It has tons of campaigns set in variopus fantasy worlds, and looks like it could be a real blast to play.

My plan is to run both in 2012, and do one of them each week, so any interest in that please say, we have a nice and easy intor mission to teach people the rules...


Is any of this still going ahead?
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Yep, will aim to start in May, just get SCGT out of the way first...


Depending on when in may I'd give this a shot ( I'm away the middle two weeks in May).


worth a listen : six to hit podcast (used to be 40k for old men) Episode 5, where they talk about their exploits through one of the adventures from the CoC Main book (6th Ed)
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