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WFRPG 3rd ED, Intro video

Started by fatolaf, November 08, 2009, 03:47:32 pm

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Intro video for Warhammer RPG 3rd Edition...


Not sure I am that keen, I like the universe and the background and liked the old edition but this new one seems a little 'spoon-fed', with cards and special dice and everything, I usually find these things turn games into a more linear affair (such as Descent, no criticism of that as it is a great game of it's genre, but not an RPG). WHFRP seems to have gone from AD&D to D&D.
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It reminds me a little of D&D 4th ed....

All the hardcore players objected to the fact that you now had power cards etc and said it was spoon feeding players... would kill the game etc.

Actually what it did was quicken the game up (i.e no more spending 5 mins flicking through a book each turn).  It sped up the combat etc which allowed more time for the actual roleplay part of the game.  Which is all good.
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What I think as well, even though some parts look even more compicated then before...combat especially..

Best bet Ritchie is to simply give it a go when I get a club copy...