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Wave 7 Xwing announced

Started by fatolaf, April 21, 2015, 09:59:21 am

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Love that big Scum ship, but not so sure we need more bombers for Imperial, especially as no one use the first one


Will be up for preorder on the store this week

Jono B

Initially I thought the Hounds Tooth looked idiotic, but it has grown on me.

Possibly because it's standing next to the K-wing, which is the ugliest model i have ever seen.
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Have to agree, Jono. I don't mind the hound's tooth but the K-Wing looks a bit cartoony for my liking
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I don't know what you mean. :p

It is kinda growing on me a little bit, but I have to agree that it's not hugely inspiring as a model - same with the Punisher. Hopefully the new bombs and munitions make up for it.


Don't mind the Punisher - its a bit 'pimp my bomber' but overall not too bad.

Will be interesting to see how the new upgrades etc. change the meta and if bombs etc. see more use.

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Yeah, the scum ships are the stand out from this wave, K wing is ugly and the Interdictor/punisher is just a poor/lazy design from a 90's PC game. I thought the Ewing was blocky and ugly, this is a step further.

Scum Xwing looks good and really like how they've thinned and elongated the Hounds Tooth, could have been a real flying brick.

Anyway, hope there are more fixes than just the "extra munitions card", very limited application.


Kwing I have to agree is not the prettiest model ever made, but as I am a STAW player, that has never concerned me  :wink;m::
It is however nails stat wise...

Love the hounds tooth, and the escape ship rule, this is probably going to be the start of my own scum fleet....