July 6th New Releases (Its Shub time....

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July 6th New Releases (Its Shub time....
« on: July 07, 2015, 02:28:28 pm »
Lots of new releases this week.

As well as the latest packs for Star Wars, LOTR and Netrunner LCGs, we have the much anticipated Thousand Young Expansion for CoC   :cthulhu: which contains the infamous World Champion card which will shake the meta on its head single handedly.
We also see the 'Great War' Board game, which uses the same battle system as Battlelore and the Command & Colors games. This contains high quality WW1 troops and other beautiful components in which too recreate the war of all wars...
Lastly we see the spooky Dark Moon board game, where players have to work out who is infected and who is not in order to survive on a moon station, who is telling the truth and who will prevail? This game is sure to get you paranoid (in a fun way of course)...